The most important details about a Los Angeles polygraph test:

One to four questions of importance

Client can write the questions of importance

Yes or No answerable questions

No ands, ors,
or commas

Three to nineteen words each question works best

Examinee must sit still and answer with mouth only (no head movements)

Be the same loudness on all answers

No pretend words: if you mean sex, don't ask 'sleep with' or 'had an affair with'

Don't be dehydrated: drink plenty of water an hour before the test

Price of a Los Angeles polygraph test is $139

How a polygraph test can help:

Let it remove doubts. Either you are right or you are wrong.

818 883-6969

How long does a polygraph test take?

When a Los Angeles polygraph examiner says 'an hour or more', that is for ALL PARTS of a testing.

The longest part, the 'Pre-test', is where the one to four questions of importance to be used are developed. This can take almost an hour. SECRET: develop your requested questions at home!

The actual 'testing' part, where the examinee answers the questions, is short-- typically three 5-minute charts. The 'post-test' part is scoring and results discussion.

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